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How much is my Calgary home worth?

The Story

How do you know that our home is worth that much?
What comparable homes did you use in your analysis?

What did the comparable homes look like inside?

What is the market like?

What is the market like for my type and style of home in this neighbourhood?

How long do you think my home will be on the market for before it sells?

Should I finish my basement or add a garage?

What should we offer on this home? What have other similar homes sold for in this area?
Are we paying too much?

Active Spreadhseet With 50 Variables
Statistics That Respond To Your Inputs

It was questions like these and many more that lead me to the idea for back in 2014.

We started on a journey to create the most comprehensive and transparent property evaluation tool available. Currently our tool is available only for the Greater Calgary Area, but we have plans to expand it nationally.

Before MPI existed, I did what most other agents do and selected a few comparables from the MATRIX system which REALTORS use to input listing data and research historical property information and statistics.  I printed that information out, attached it to a magical listing presentation and tried to walk my clients through the methodology and process.  Ultimately this did not work for me or my clients and it resulted in longer listings, false expectations and ultimately a frustrating and arduous listing.
Responsive Property Data
Responsive Detailed Maps
My clients needed more information.  It wasn’t about a lack of trust or a belief in my professionalism as a qualified and knowledgeable agent, it was about increasing certainty, transparency and removing the stress of the unknown market trends specific to their property.  How and when to sell as well as a very realistic listing price that made sense for their goals and timing.
We provide ALL the data that REALTORS use.

  • We provide all the photos of sold properties as well as 50 other data variables.
  • We give you 9 graphs showing up to 7 years worth of historical market trends specifically for your type of property and neighbourhood.
  • You have the option to select properties that match your home and watch the statistics adjust dynamically.
  • Thinking about renovating, but know if it’s going to add any value? We got that…
  • Have a 50 foot wide RC2 Property and want to sell it to a developer?

For my buyer clients, it was the same thing…

Property Survey Data
Recent MLS Report

Who cares what it’s listed for!  What is it actually worth? takes the guess work out of making an offer and provides the listing agent with unobjectionable data that justifies our offer and makes my buyers feel extremely confident that they paid the right price and why.

It works like a charm!

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