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Calgary Top Home Selling REALTOR - Why you should choose Pete Chapman!

  • Flexible Listing Commissions - ALL REALTOR COMMISSIONS ARE NEGOTIABLE - Based on your unique circumstances, I will work with you to find the best possible solution for commissions.
  • Easy Scheduling - I am available 7 days per week from 8AM to 9PM.  I answer my phone (TRY IT! 403-831-1242) and respond quickly to inquiries that come in via text.  I am available on short-notice.  I have sold homes on July Long Weekend, New Years Eve Day, My 40th Birthday, Christmas Eve... I am never too busy! SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT HERE
  • Exceptional Results - A key metric for determining actual sales performance is the Original Sales Price to Final Sale Price Ratio. I am proud to say that in the last 3 years, my ratio is 99.1% with average days on market of 28 days (compared to the Calgary average of 95.8% and 58+ days).
  • Strategy, strategy, strategy! - EVERY sale is different.  Every property that I list carries it's own strategy based on an examination of the many variables associated with the specific home, the market conditions as well as your goals.  When it comes to selling homes, it's all about finding the hidden features and benefits, getting ahead of any objections and marketing the heck out of it!
  • Mitigating Risk - I work with a dream team of professionals that I trust implicitly.  Lawyers, home inspectors, trades and many more.  I will look at the past, present and future of your home and make sure you are not going to experience any ugly surprises. My clients are a top priority to my team.  That means I get answers quickly and results that go over and above. It also means you are going to save money!  I receive no kick-backs or referral fees of any kind.
  • Complete Transparency - What did other similar home sell for?  Am I asking too much or too little?  Which direction is the market heading?  Are you representing my best interests or just looking to put a deal together to make commission (just being honest)?  I created just to make sure you have ALL the information you need to make the right decision. These are fantastic questions which I work to get in-front of every time.  I use a variety of tools to show you every statistic, every home sold and a variety of visual tools to help you feel confident that you are getting the best deal possible.  I imagine myself in your shoes and give you well-thought-out options that allow you to chose the approach that makes the most sense. 
  • End-to-End Experience and Service - I am a fully-licensed Mortgage Associate so I am able to obtain a complete picture of my clients financial goals, offer WAY more options, structure deals so that they get accepted and SAVE YOU MONEY!! Our relationship does not end when you sell.  You will receive a variety of communications to keep you in the loop on what is happening with the real estate market.  I want to be your trusted real estate advisor.  Your one-stop-shop for EVERYTHING REAL ESTATE. 
  • FUN!! - We are definitely going to have some laughs along the way...  I love what I do and making it fun for my clients is so important to me! Happy Clients are my only clients!



First Time Home Seller

Whether this is your first condo or your first castle, I have the advanced tools, resources and experience to make sure you sell for the best price.

Save money on Commissions, Condo Documents Legal, Real Property Report, Home Staging and find Financing Solutions that make sense.

Sell Then Buy

Moving Up? Downsizing?
Changing Neighbourhoods?

If you need to sell your home before you buy, then you need to make sure you have the right plan in place so that you reduce carrying costs, eliminate risk and NEVER move twice!  We also have financing solutions to make sure you're protected.

Divorce & Separation

This can be an incredibley stressful time or it can be easy and transparent.

I have managed multiple sales where separation is involved and my goal is to ensure that selling your home is the last thing you have to worry about.

Also, Mortgage Math can be extremely complicated.  I can do that too!

Condo's & Townhouses

Selling a condo or townhouse can be a challenge in a down market or when condo fees are too high.  I have extensive experience as a Board Member on several Major Condo Boards and know how to get ahead of any objections that may arise.


We will miss you!

As a born and raised Calgarian, I have a deep understanding of the unique nuances of each of Calgary’s neighbourhoods both old and new.

I have sold hundreds of homes and have worked with sellers to maximize their sale price, and fast!

Luxury | Lake Front | Estate

There are some amazing properties in Calgary as well as the surrounding areas.  Understanding valuations and determining the most appropriate strategy takes a deep understanding of the location, nature of the home as well as the future impacts of the surrounding area.

Negotiation on high value purchases takes a different level of due diligence and depth of research.  Being well connected to other top agents and knowing what to say and when can make all the difference.


The due diligence on an acreage sale is significantly different than a typical city detached home.  Knowing how to identify potential issues, underground storage tanks, sewage, water pressure and quality, MD requirements and much more.  What is the future of the area?  All things that are critical to selecting the right strategy.

Investors | Flippers

Rentals | Foreclosures | X-Plex’s | Property Renovation & Flipping

I have extensive experience with cash-flow/cap rate analysis, rental market research & commercial due diligence.  I have a dream team of ancillary professionals to ensure project completion & risk mitigation.  Advanced Flip Analyzer & Property Valuation Tools to make sure you know the potential ROI before you sell.