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As your REALTOR, I will tell you that the financing portion of your home buying experience is the most critical first step.  Over the years, I found that this was so important that I pursued and obtained my mortgage license so that I could gain a better understanding of the complete picture, write better offers and reduce risk.  I knew that if I did not have the knowledge and the license to back it up, that my clients would not be getting the best service possible.

I could spend hours writing about why you should use a Top Calgary Mortgage Broker, but here are just a few of the top reasons:

  • Calgary Mortgage Broker services are free (they are paid by the banks).
  • OPTIONS! – They have access to more than 50 lenders who compete for your business rather than you applying to be a customer and accepting their retail rates and terms.
  • They are going to review your entire financial picture to ensure you are getting the best financial product possible to meet your goals.
  • Better rates, better, more complete information

For Step by Step Financing Guides and more useful information, please click on the appropriate link below:

Conventional vs Unconventional Mortgages.  What is the difference?

The Best Mortgage Calculators In Calgary!

Payment Calculator

Mortgage Comparison Tool

Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Rent vs. Buy Calculator


Mark Herman

Mark Herman

Senior Mortgage Associate

Mark has 20 years of professional customer service experience after he earned a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Economics from the University of Calgary in 1992.

In 2003 Mark completed his Master’s Degree in Finance from Herriot-Watt Business School at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. The school is regularly rated as one of the top-10 business schools in the world by the Economist magazine. He is one of the few mortgage brokers with an MBA originating mortgages and actually talking to customers in Canada.

Mark is a regular speaker and presenter on economics and mortgage data throughout Canada. He is often quoted in the media for his knack of translating economics and data into information that can be used by purchasers to support their decision making processes.

Katie McDowell

Katie McDowell

2017 Mortgage Broker Of The Year

Katie McDowell 2017: Mortgage Broker of the Year, 2017

President, Alberta Mortgage Broker Association (AMBA), 2016

Secretary/Treasurer of AMBA, 2015:

Winner of the Pierre Fournier Award; the highest individual award for our entire company for outstanding contributions to the industry and community.

Katie was the Senior Mortgage Escalation Underwriting Officer at a bank until she became a mortgage broker and the Broker of Record for our franchise.

She has more than 18 years of mortgage experience and has underwritten more than $18 Billion in residential mortgages. She lives and breathes mortgages.

Mortgage Alliance – Mortgages Are Marvelous

Why working with our team makes sense: 

2013 – 2017: #1 franchise for all of Canada, based on total value of funded mortgages at Mortgage Alliance, one of Canada’s 2 largest Super-Brokers with more than 100 offices and 1,800 agents from coast to coast. 

  • There is no cost to you for our services as the banks pay us for doing their work
  • You get our professional, un-biased advice & expertise on your mortgage
  • We answer our phones from 9- 9 x 365, no bank does that!
  • Your rate will be lower with us as we deal through “broker services” at the banks
  • Our buyers receive our Pre-Underwritten, Pre-Approvals – the industry’s highest level of assurance that your purchase will be completed as smoothly as possible.
  • 250+ happy customers say nice things about us here
  • We accept a fiduciary duty of the relationship, not an intermediary relationship so we give the best advice to customers, even if it is not in our best interests.
  • We have had 0 deals collapse on financing in 2018!



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