We believe in making sure our clients have access to all of the information we have access to.  Whether you live here already or if you are thinking of moving here, it is critical to educate yourself about our market.  The Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) continues to provide a massive amount of data that is extremely useful in determining what is actually happening here instead of relying on third-party resources or news outlets.  Click on the links below to open .pdf files that you can download or view.  We will update this as often as possible to make sure you are informed.

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Calgary Population Data

Population growth is comprised of natural increases and net migration. The level of new migrants has a strong relationship with housing demand.

Figures for the city are updated on an annual basis, with forecast estimates updated two to three times a year depending on the forecaster.

Data used includes information provided by the City of Calgary, Statistics Canada and the Conference Board of Canada.

The City of Calgary’s annual figures are based on the civic census data collected in April.

Statistics Canada completes a census every five years, providing annual population estimates in non-census years. Annual population estimates are as of July 1 of that year.

The Conference Board of Canada uses information provided by Statistics Canada and generates annual estimates and forecasts for the Calgary CMA.

Follow this link to view some useful graphs about our population


Calgary Employment

The employment market is one factor that can impact the demand for housing.

Employment statistics for the Calgary Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) are generated by Statistics Canada and updated on a monthly basis.

The forecast information included is provided by the Conference Board of Canada, and is updated three times a year.

 Follow this link for some useful graphs about employment in Calgary.

Calgary Housing Starts 

The level of new home activity can impact the resale market, making it an important trend to follow.

Actual data is compiled by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC). Forecast information is provided by the Conference Board of Canada and is updated three times a year.

Follow this link to view some useful graphs about new housing starts in the Greater Calgary Area



Calgary GDP Growth

The gross domestic product (GDP) growth is an estimate of economic health in the region.

Calgary CMA GDP figures are updated quarterly and often lag behind the current date. For example, if we are in the first quarter of the year, final estimates for the third quarter of the previous year would be available.

GDP estimates and forecasts are provided by the Conference Board of Canada and are updated three times a year.

Follow this link to view some useful graphs about Calgary GDP Growth

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