Sue H.

“After meeting/interviewing 5 other realtors and not finding the Right combination, I stumbled upon his site and found Peter. I felt such trust and confidence upon meeting him.”

Kevin F.

“Peter respected every aspect of my buying process and made me feel like I was his only client at the time.” – Kevin Fanning

Colin P.

“Peter came up with a creative plan on how to sell my place and with his negotiating skills he ended up helping me to sell my place for more than I had expected.”

Mitch and Raina H.

“This is now the third time we have worked with Pete and once again we couldn’t be happier”

Erica & Lee

“His presentation was excellent and we felt very confident that he was not only going to make a great listing for us but that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to negotiating. We are happy to say, Pete came through for us… and on day 3 we sold!”
“He was able to save me a lot of money on the purchase of my new home by asking for things from the builder that I would not have considered negotiable.”

Calgary REALTOR Reviews

Top Calgary Real Estate Agent Reviews

Earning genuine Real Estate Agent reviews from my clients is my ultimate goal and I am incredibly grateful for the time that was taken to submit these reviews.  I love what I do and having a “satisfied customer” is not enough. I strive to add value by listening, educating, demonstrating honesty and transparency, strategic planning and winning negotiation.  I do not believe in a transactional based model (think 7-11) and instead focus on building long-term relationships with my clients where they rely on my knowledge know that they have an expert in their corner at all times.

My personal commitments to my clients are based on the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, something that I teach to my children and I truly believe in.

  1. Be Proactive – Having been through the purchase and sale of hundreds of homes, I know what works and where there could be hiccups.  As a buyers representative I learned over the years that not knowing the mortgage and finance portion of my clients goals prevented me from being able to offer a complete service.  PROBLEM SOLVED: I received my mortgage license and work with a “Dream Team” of mortgage professionals.  An example for my listing clients is the essential Real Property Report and how this evil document has resulted in more headaches and hold-backs than I’d like to admit.
  2. Start With The End In Mind – Strategy is absolutely critical and it must be formed based on listening to your needs and goals, offering 100% transparency and creating a path that makes sense. Every phase of a sale or purchase has a start, middle and end and my responsibility is to make sure you know the status of each step and that you are confident in the direction we are headed as well as the instructions you provide.
  3. Put First Things First – This often comes up with my buyers… Regardless of what the market conditions are, occasionally there is a home that hits the market that just can’t be missed.  I have had incredible success with my clients identifying those properties as soon as the listing agents submits the listing to the system (and long before it hits  Being there first means we get the first shot at making an offer stick and avoid a multiple offer situation.  Timing is critical and I love it when this happens!!
  4. Think Win-Win – This is what sets me a part from other agents.  I hate losing, but there are some circumstances where I just cannot professionally recommend any further pursuit of an offer.  I think outside the box all the time… Just ask my condo sellers how my knowledge and years of experience sitting on major condo corporations has allowed me to educate the opposing agent and eliminate barriers to a sale.   Identifying the opposing sides true intentions and motivations is critical and it means having a good reputation in the industry with other agents and being known to operate with integrity and taking a solutions-oriented approach.
  5. Seek First To Understand And Then To Be Understood –  Truly listening and ensuring that I have a complete understanding of what your goals are is critical and it requires the ability to ask the right questions and gain clarity.  Real estate sales can be extremely complicated (through no fault of your own) and I love taking the stress out.  I am a problem-solver and want you to feel confident in every aspect of the process that you have the right information and that you are making decisions with clarity.
  6. Synergize – In my listing presentations, I always tell my clients that we are a team.  This means that we work together to make sure that everything within our control is accounted for.  Beyond our team is the team of associates that I work with.  From Lawyers to Home Inspectors, Mortgage & Finance, Construction Contractors, Trades, Land Surveyors and more, I have hundreds of people that are on speed-dial that I would use myself (and have).
  7. Sharpen The Saw – As it relates to real estate, this is absolutely critical.  Mortgage rule changes, financing options, Legal precedent, market knowledge, regional trends, aluminum wiring, Pex – B piping… you get the idea.  I have immersed myself in this industry and believe in lifelong-learning.  I attend all major real estate industry professional events that are available in Calgary.  There is always something new and if I don’t know it, I will find out.

Thank you again to my clients new and old for giving me the opportunity to represent you in one of the most important aspects of your life.  It is a privilege that I do not take lightly.

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