Calgary Home Buyer

What Type Of Buyer Are You?

First Time Home Buyer

Whether this is your first condo or your first castle, I have the advanced tools, resources and experience to make sure you find exactly the right home for the best price.

Save money on Home Inspection, Document Review and Legal. Financing Solutions that make sense.

Sell Then Buy

Moving Up? Downsizing?
Changing Neighbourhoods?

If you need to sell your home before you buy, then you need to make sure you have the right plan in place so that you reduce carrying costs, eliminate risk and NEVER move twice!  We also have financing solutions to make sure you’re protected. 

Investors | Flippers

Rentals | Foreclosures | X-Plex’s | Property Renovation & Flipping

I have extensive experience with cash-flow/cap rate analysis, rental market research & commercial due diligence.  I have a dream team of ancillary professionals to ensure project completion & risk mitigation.  Advanced Flip Analyzer & Property Valuation Tools to make sure you know the potential ROI before you buy.  I also have excellent financing options for investors who didn’t know they could be!

Condo's & Townhouses

There are some great one’s out there, but there are also some condo properties that definitely need to be avoided.  Careful consideration is needed at every step.  I have extensive experience as an owner & board member and a team of professionals to make sure you avoid Special Assessments and Creeping Fees. 


You are going to love Calgary!

As a born and raised Calgarian, I have a deep understanding of the unique nuances of each of Calgary’s neighbourhoods both old and new.

Or maybe you are going to miss it!
I have sold hundreds of homes and have worked with sellers who have already moved on as well.

Luxury | Lake Front | Estate

There are some amazing properties in Calgary as well as the surrounding areas.  Understanding valuations and determining the most appropriate strategy takes a deep understanding of the location, nature of the home as well as the future impacts of the surrounding area.

Negotiation on high value purchases takes a different level of due diligence and depth of research.  Being well connected to other top agents and knowing what to say and when can make all the difference.  Making sure you purchase not only a home but a strong long term investment is a passion of mine. 


  There are exceptional acreage properties in and around the Calgary area.  Need out- buildings? Pasture? Or just looking for a looking for a little more space and privacy?  There are so many options. 

The due diligence on an acreage purchase is significantly different than a typical city detached home.  Knowing how to identify potential issues, underground storage tanks, sewage, water pressure and quality, MD requirements and much more.  What is the future of the area?  All things that are critical to making the right choices. 


Thinking of buying an established business?

Need a commercial or industrial bay?

I can help determine the lowest cost, best location options as well as connect you with business valuation services, property appraisers and legal resources to make the purchase or lease as smooth as possible.