Having been a REALTOR in Calgary for the last 9+ years, I have consistently found that my ability to perform my role as an agent without having a complete understanding of a client’s financial picture and goals is not as effective as it should be.  It’s a disconnection that had to change.  As a real estate agent, we aren’t allowed to ask those financial questions beyond a certain point and we definitely aren’t allowed to provide guidance and advice in that area.  How am I able to deliver a complete service without knowing the big picture?

Understanding the financial aspects of a client’s situation can be a complete game changer… it can open doors and provide options that they couldn’t possibly know existed.  People don’t know what they can’t know and that’s why I wanted to be able to turn the lights on right from the start and provide the most complete service possible.

I’ve also found that unless you have a solid mortgage associate that you consistently refer to, your clients file drops to the bottom of their pile and the level of service becomes purely transaction based.  If my clients write an offer on a home, I want them to know that there is someone on their team that will get it done… no surprises, no delays and with their absolute best interests in mind at all times.

It just makes sense to me that I should have as much invested in my clients success as they do in mine and by educating myself I feel I am showing them that I value their business.  Being dual licensed gives my clients a definite advantage and makes me one of less than 250 Real Estate Agents in Calgary (out of 5200) that have this capacity.

Along with my property valuation service www.mypropertyinfo.ca which is an extremely powerful home valuation tool, I am now able to offer a service level that is unbeatable in the Calgary market.

End to End; the way it should be.

Looking forward to many more years serving Calgarians with the sale and purchase of their homes. 403-831-1242