Buy a place, fix it, sell it – We have the Solution

Option 1:

• Borrow up to 85% of the post-renovation value,

• Only $10,000 down (not 5% nor 10%, just 10k) frees up your cash reserves,

• Fully OPEN, simple interest calculation at about $48/100k borrowed per day = no compounding

• Quick turnaround time – about 2 days,

Their Fees:

• 1 time, 3% admin fee,

• No CMHC fees

• Lender pays for their own legal fees,

• Multiple draws available

• Lender does their own appraisal.


• You find a house that should be $250,000 but it needs work and you buy it for


• You find that property by contacting Peter Chapman 403-831-1242. Peter will use and the FLIP ANALYZER tool to provide a transparent and complete assessment showing costs, fees and your ROI.

• The improved value after renovations is shown to be $285,000.

• The lender will finance up to 85% of improved value = $242,250.

• You only put down $10,000 which frees up your cash for materials and paying


Option 2 (from Similar Lender)

• Rates between 14-16% , fees between 4-6%

• Documentation: Application, credit bureau, NOA’s showing no taxes owing

• Appraisal – client pays for this and for lenders legal expenses as industry standard

• Down payment: 15% to 20% down